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The perks of having #straightteeth... - Increased self-esteem - Less tooth decay and gum disease - Improved digestion - Corrected speech impediments - Reduce risk of future bone loss - Stronger teeth

from Parenting Patch

Very handy chart showing names, locations and time-to-expect permanent teeth for your child or tween.


A Conservative Alternative for Adult Orthodontics Did you have braces as a kid, and over the years, your teeth have shifted out of their corrected positioning? Or maybe you never had them, and would love to have your front teeth straightened but dread the idea of long-term orthodontics or invasive cosmetic dentistry.


Dentaltown - A space maintainer is a device cemented to one tooth with an arm that spans a space and contacts a tooth on the other side of the span. It is typically used when a baby tooth is removed/extracted before its adult counterpart is ready to erupt. Space maintainers are typically only used for the posterior teeth. They are essential to prevent drifting and crowding of the teeth. This undesirable tooth movement may require complicated orthodontics to correct. Prevention is the key.


TOMMY TOOTHBRUSH Dr. George C. Shoenberger and Dr. Mark K. Shoenberger 2406 Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA 18104 Tel : 610-435-9914 — at Ai Orthodontics.


Orthodontic Fact #28 "If you are right handed, you tend to chew on the right side of your mouth and vice versa if you're left handed."