advertising set | Tabasco — Explode Your Senses

The idea of this advert is to manipulate the tabasco sauce into a bomb / explosion. The sauce is that hot it will literally blow up. This is to prove that this sauce is the best quality and the hottest.

“Gay” had a slightly different meaning in the 1950s. | 22 Vintage Adverts That Would Be Banned Today

Betty’s Gay with Midol - ad. Very funny old ad with current lexicon

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Another beaUtiful advert in this series.

Funny print for Playboy using magazines to shape a woman body

Play boy, Play: 15 insolently clever Playboy ads - Advertising and Marketing Guide by Dr Prem


Alpina Yogurt, Quilling American Advertising Campaign, Commissioned by, Vitro

'm fine. Save me. The signs are there if you read them. Help us save a life before it's too late. Call 1800-2214444.

What you think you see and hear may not be a true reflection of the inner life of from someone in trouble. It depends on how you look at it! Look for the hidden message. (Ad Campaign Finds A Surprising Way To Talk About Depression)