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This Comic Perfectly Explains What White Privilege Is

Greatness is not wrapped in any one color or gender. It is society and all our futures that we short change by not giving everyone the opportunity to shine. This is not just my opinion, it is a lesson from history that we should heed.

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So, You Think Affirmative Action Gives White People a Disadvantage? -

Let's talk about the real affirmative action: Jamie Utt discusses white privilege, the American education system, and socioeconomic status.


LIBS ARE HAVING A FIT WITH THIS: Then he left the Democrat Plantation of Continuing Poverty. Interesting facts about Dr. Ben Carson, Conservative Icon: 1. raised by a single mother 2. raised in public housing 3. fed with food stamps. 4. supported with welfare 5. kept healthy with medicaid 6. educated in public schools.


Affirmative Action Has Helped White Women More Than Anyone

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The White Student Suing to Overthrow Affirmative Action Was Too Dumb to Get Into Her Chosen College

Podgy: (sentence)Confused. Is she the one with the podgy face and red hair, or the one with the wiry grey afro?