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Affirmative Action

Listen and silent are spelled with the same letters...think about that.

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Affirmations for Self Employed Women #ecoacherin #coacherinsaffirmations

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I believe that perfect balance is possible and that I will have it today. I choose to feel healed and loved. I reject all worries and concentrate only on the positive. I love myself for Who I am and what I've become.

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Thomas Sowell’s current research focuses on cultural history in a world perspective, a subject on which he began to write a trilogy in 1982. The trilogy includes Race and Culture (1994), Migrations and Cultures (1996), and Conquests and Cultures (1998). His most recent books on economics include Affirmative Action Around the World (2004) (2004), Basic Economics (2004), and Applied Economics (2003).

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The Caste System of Ancient India. The caste system organizes division of labour and money in human society. It's a system of social stratification, and a basis for affirmative action.

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thought precedes action

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bcass41447 on

Ironically, this is the epitome of the"white privilege" the left says we need affirmative action to eradicate!

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Manifesting Affirmations | money affirmation money affirmation to connect to the universal supply

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TEA PARTY IDOL DOC hates government assistance. Dr. Ben Carson grew up in public schools, got public housing and food stamps, helped by Affirmative Action, got Pell grants for college, and free glasses from gov't program.

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