Underwater sculpture, in Grenada, in honor of our African Ancestors who were thrown overboard the slave ships during the Middle Passage of the African Holocaust.

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In Pakistan, African descendants are called Sheedi (Siddi)...http://blackberrycastlephotographytm.zenfolio.com/p583897559

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Well i had no idea. Never even heard of this...so pinning because its something ive never learned of.

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I love this so muck am just gonna out my name on it. Joanna Luangthep

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Among the lesser-known communities of the African diaspora are the Sidis of India. People of African descent have lived in India since at least the 8th century.

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Black Pearl | People of the African Diaspora | 1870 Unidentified Afro-Brazilian Woman. Photography by Alberto Henschel Pernambuco

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Black Cherokee Indians | The African Diaspora Forum. Visit us. buckweed.org. Pinned by indus® in honor of the indigenous people of North America who have influenced our indigenous medicine and spirituality by virtue of their being a member of a tribe from the Western Region through the Plains including the beginning of time until tomorrow.

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caribbeancivilisation: Tamara Natalie Madden is a Jamaican born painter and mixed-media artist. Madden’s paintings are allegories that seek to heighten and empower the everyday people of the African diaspora. Madden’s influences are varied. Some influences come from Gustav Klimt, West East African Royalty, Egypt, Asia, and from the clothing that’s worn by native African and Indian women. She is highly inspired by people from various cultures around the world, but chooses to paint imagery

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