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West African Benin Goddess MAWU-LISA. Mawu-Lisa are the creator deities of Dahomey mythology, associated with the moon and sun. In some myths, they are married twins; in others, both deities are aspects of the same androgynous or hermaphroditic deity.


Anansi, a figure in Ashanti mythology, who could overcome his enemies through guile. Anansi is one of the most important characters of West African lore. He is a culture hero, who acts on behalf of Nyame, his father and the sky god. He brings rain to stop fires and performs other duties for him.

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These African Deities Are The Best Gods You've Never Heard Of

'Ibej'i (typed wrong) African child Deities of Youth and Vitality. Also known as the sacred twins, one male and one female.


Mawu (“MAH-woo”). The goddess of Earth-and-sky, exalted in West African Vodun religion. She is goddess of the moon and and represents the wisdom of age. Mawu can help you age with grace and become an empowered elder. Together, with Lisa her twin flame, they form an androgynous two-in-one deity.


Mawu, African Goddess Of The Moon by Shella Goh| Mawu, African Goddess Of The Moon And here she is, the muse for my necklace of the same name. In Dahomey (West African) mythology, Mawu is a creator goddess, associated with the sun and moon. After creating the earth and all life and everything else on it, Mawu became concerned that it might be too heavy, so she asked the primeval serpent, Aido Hwedo, to curl up beneath the earth and hold it up in the sky.