The tropical rainforest biome is mainly found in three major geographic areas around the world. Central America- Amazon river basin Africa- Zaire basin, with a small area in West Africa; also eastern Madagascar Indo-Malaysia- west coast of India, Assam, Southeast Asia, New Guinea and Queensland, Australia

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African rainforest in-Gaban, Republic of Congo, Camaroon, Congo, African republic, Togo, Ghana, and Madagascar.

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Rafflesia Flower found in Indonesia "has by far the largest bloom of any flower and is one of the world's rarest and most endangered plants. Almost one meter wide and weighing over 6 pounds, it is a fleshy, malodorous plant." Liza's Reef

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AFRICAN BUSH VIPER Family: Viperidae Habitat: Remote rainforest regions Fun Fact: These vipers usually ambush their prey from a hanging position. THIS IS STRAIGHT DRAGON YO

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