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Age Of Madonna

The Black Madonna of Oropa In her sanctuary near Biella and the source of the river Oropa, age uncertain, 132 cm, painted wood. photo: Maia Schiavona

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Introducing Madonna As Our February Cover Star

Madonna in a Gucci gown; her own snake bracelet, a Bulgari bracelet, a Tiffany & Co. bracelet & a Fallon ring on the February 2017 cover of Harper's Bazaar US. Photographed by Luigi & Iango.

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black madonna statue | In her sanctuary near Biella and the source of the river Oropa, age ...

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Sulamith Wufling - Sulamith Wülfing (January 11, 1901 – 1989) was a German artist and illustrator. Her ethereal, enigmatic works depict fairy tales or mystical subjects. Born in Elberfeld, Rhine Province to Theosophist parents Karl and Hedwig Wülfing, as a child Sulamith had visions of angels, fairies, gnomes, and nature spirits. She first began drawing these creatures at the age of four. The visions continued throughout her life, and directly inspired her paintings.

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An image of the Madonna from the Rothschild Canticles (1300), a Middle Age manuscript produced for a nun at the turn of the fourteenth century, it served as an aid to mystical devotions in which images played as central a role as the written word.

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elemenop: Annet van der Voort - Madonna & Co (via sealmaiden) Madonna & Co (series of 30 c-prints)

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Painting by Luccan, ca 1250-60, "Enthroned Madonna with Child", Canvas mounted on poplar. (city of #Lucca, Italian) #Middle_Age

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Madonna and the child Västergarn, region of Gotland, Sweden Made in Gotland, oak. 1325-1350

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