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How Agni VI is different from Agni V|Agni VI vs Agni V

Agni V successfully test-fired The 17-metre-long surface-to-surface ballistic missile lifted off majestically from a rail mobile launcher at 8.04 a.m. After a flight time of 20 minutes, the missile re-entry vehicle impacted the pre-designated target point more than 5,000 kms away in the Indian Ocean with a high degree of accuracy.


Orthodox hymn "Agni Parthene" (O Pure Virgin) in church-slavonic. This chant was composed by St. Nectarios of Egina, and according to the Tradition, the melody was composed by angels.


Aksharadhool: Agni V blasts off successfully from a canister For an individual or a nation, safety has to be its paramount concern. Relevance and necessity of Agni V can therefore never be in doubt. It has to be ready all the time, so all the Indians can sleep peacefully. This week's test has made India little more secure as the missile is expected to be inducted into service in a year after a few more canister trials.


Agni-V's maiden canister trial successful | Zee News

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