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Amazing Artworks Collection of Aang

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Avatar's bender training scroll.

Avatar's bender training scroll. i need this.incase the fire nation attack malaysia

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See this Instagram photo by @clean_funny_fandoms • 1,976 likes

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An interesting bending chart showing the interconnectedness of the 4 elements. The flow of this is very alchemical in nature.

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12 Cats Who Are Secretly Superheroes

Maybe we could scatter funny references/jokes on one bulletin board and call it a free pick-me-up board? Everyone could use it and post their own prints.

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I have air hands wbu? (from Avatar)

Why is the Earth hand soo big? Does toph have huge hands? (I don't think so) Earth bending is not about physical size and strength. We all love THE BOULDER, but we also know he's not the best earth bender

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10 TV Shows That Deserve A Second Life

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