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Brig. Gen. Steve Ritchie (Ret.), A command pilot with more than 3,000 flying hours, is our last American Ace. He became the only Air Force Pilot Ace of the Vietnam conflict and the only American pilot to down five MiG-21's. Having flown more than 800 hours of combat during 339 missions, he is one of the most decorated pilots in military history. Ritchie realized that he survived hundreds of hours of combat only because of the support from thousands of devoted military and civilian…


American gunners of B Bty 6 Bn 27 Artillery fire a M-110 8 inch howitzer during a fire support mission at Landing Zone Hong approx 12 km north east of Song Be South Vietnam 26 March 1970


Air Force C-123 Provider landing at Boc Hoa near the Cambodian border. The C-123 was designed as a short-range assault transport used to airlift troops and cargo onto short runways and unprepared airstrips. This aircraft was the primary Agent Orange defoliant spray ship. Photo taken: April 1966


A USAF F-4D Phantom OY 67766 loaded for bear at Udorn, RTAB Thailand. Udorn was an important base that many Air Force support missions were flown out of.