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Journalist killed but proven facts live on: 1. Hillary emails prove US State Dept and WH knew Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding Islamic State. 2. US wanted Islamic State to grow proved by leaked intelligence docs. 3.Over 50 000 foreign Jihadists mostly came from Turkey. 4. Al-Qaeda controlling border crossings from beginning of war. 5. FSA Weapons given/taken by ISIS Nusra Al Qaeda. 7. Free Syrian Army works with Al Nusra Islamic State. 9. Turkey helped Islamic State and Al Qaeda…


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Wie verschiedene Medien unter Berufung auf das Auswärtige Amt berichten, ist die deutsche Journalistin Janina F. , die fast ein Jahr lang von der syrischen Al-Nusra-Front als Geisel genommen war, wieder freigelassen worden. Sie befinde

UN-Sicherheitsrat: Waffenstillstand kann nur umgesetzt werden, wenn USA al-Nusra Front bekämpfen — RT Deutsch

American allies accused of arming jihadist group Al Nusra Front

. Latest Headlines Prev Day By David on 6 September 2016 GMT David Icke World Tour New York 4 For Tickets Click Here … By David on 6 September 2016 GMT David Icke World Tour download Untitled (3) CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TICKETS … Why Is Israel in Alliance With Jabhat-Al-Nusra? ( Al-Qaeda) By David on 6 September 2016 GMT War and Terror B-oYJPLW0AAGCzA ‘Late last month, Jabhat al-Nusra (aka, the Al-Nusra Front), Al-Qaida’s Syrian arm, announced that it was severing ties with…


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Israeli MP Says Tel Aviv Is Aiding Al-Nusra Front Terrorists In Syria .| Your News Wire.16

Syrian Army Engages Al Nusra Front in Hama Province -

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Syrian opposition hails 'miraculous' victory after claiming to break Aleppo siege

Fighters from Jabhat Fateh al Sham -- formerly the al Nusra Front -- advance…