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Comics for feminists

Promethea, by Alan Moore. "You can’t really “get” comics until you’ve read something by Alan Moore. He’s not always the most feminist-friendly writer in the world, but his work does amazing things with the medium. Promethea gets overly preachy (and if you ask me, kinda boring) in its later books, but its beginning is a great depiction of a strong female character and a unique representation of shared female power. Also, it’s worth reading just for JH Williams’ amazing art."

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Providence issue 11 - limited edition century variant 04: Great Race. Alan Moore, Raulo Caceres (Avatar Press)

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Alan Moore - what CAN'T I say about this guy? The Watchmen is my favourite graphic novel of all time.

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Ideas Are Bullet-Proof (by David Lloyd from V For... - the-spinner-rack

A quote from V for Vendetta, a classic graphic novel. This week we're happy be displaying our new graphic novels!

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V For Vendetta Creator Alan Moore Talks About Anonymous and the Guy Fawkes Mask

Cover of the graphic novel which includes all original issues from "Warrior" magazine, interviews and extra content that was originally deemed unnecessary to the main storyline.

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Alan Moore has just finished the first draft of his 1 million word novel 'Jerusalem' and has some details on what it's about.

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