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Burglar alarm! TV company had the nerve to ask if I wanted an alarm system when I have a Doxie. The nerve!

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Millions of Intelligent Americans knew what A CHAOTIC UGLY MESS AND NIGHTMARE A TRUMP PRESIDENCY WOULD BE .....AND WE WERE RIGHT!!! He hasn't even been sworn in and look at the Stupid Moves and Chaos he's creating!! Fighting with the CIA, On Twitter Everyday like a Teenager, Threatening Major Companies causing stocks to drop, Not Taking Security Briefings because as he puts it "He's Smart." HE'S UNFIT!! TRUMP AND PUTIN STOLE THIS ELECTION AND IT'S TIME TO SOUND THE ALARM!!!

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Fire alarm is necessary for you which safe you from several harms and also teach all the employee of the company what they have to do at the time of fire.

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So to add more security. I made ALL folders secret so only we can see them except FOOD KINDA. Now we know its not easy to know there is a new pin/message. Lets just always add a random or meaningful) food item after each round of secret pins so that the other will know there is something there to find. Please move this pin into a secret folder after reading it! Safety first!! :)

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Belle Kogan's Quacker electric alarm clock, designed for Telechron Company in 1934. The case is made of Plaskon, an early plastic developed in 1931. She also designed for Red Wing Pottery, among many others.

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"THE best home or apartment safety tip you can get is to never answer your door. Arrange with family and friends to have telephone communication before they come over. So many burglaries happen when people simply answer their door to the burglars. People don't realize that robbers DO ring the doorbell, and knock on doors. Stay safe; don't answer the door". * thereallinda

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30 Little Resolutions That Will Save You Big

With a wireless burglar alarm system such as SimpliSafe (, you just "peel and stick" the motion detectors, door-opening sensors, and keypads into position, and they'll sync wirelessly. You can also get smoke and carbon monoxide alarms—and operate the system remotely from a smartphone app. A cellular connection transmits a signal to a call center for 24/7 monitoring, all for about $15 a month. | Photo: |

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Nick Fury alarm clock…

My family probably think I have an even bigger brain injury from laughing so hard at this!

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