Tips for giving up alcohol. Take break from alcohol considering four simple habits. Check more >>
11 ways to beat depression
alcohol quotes Don’t forget that alcohol helps to remove the stress, the bra, the panties and many other problems.
12 Stupid Things that can Mess Up Recovery - Addiction is not a simple matter. Treatment is ongoing. "To grow in recovery, we must grow up emotionally."
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When it comes to addiction and relapse, there's more to it than meets the eye. Lack of willpower is not the problem!
Here we give you a fatty liver diet that will help you control such ailments. ...
If you have issues with anxiety, depression, or impulsivity here are ten good reasons why avoiding alcohol may be a good idea.  by Yellowbrick treatment center
Relapse: Phases and Warning Signs - this makes me think of mental health problems in general, not just substance abuse
Are you negatively enabling an addict’s addiction to continue? Here are some tips to make sure that you don't...
Am I a Drug Addict #Infographic. Sobriety is freedom!  Important questions to ask yourself if you use drugs. If yes was your answer to some of these questions, ask yourself if you're ready for change. If so, seek out the supports and treatments you need to live a healthy, sober life.
If you've struggled with your drinking in any capacity, questioned your  relationship with alcohol, are questioning your relationship with alcohol,  or are wondering if you should quit or may have to quit, you will  understand what I'm about to say all too well: it's fucking terrifying.  To be sure, it is NOT the things that happen on the other side of quitting  drinking that are the hardest obstacles to overcome. The biggest roadblock  between anyone and sobriety is the decision to attempt…
Alcohol Addiction: Alcoholic: Am I an alcoholic?
This describes the complex interplay of enablers in relationships that are…
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