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23 DIY Projects That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds

Turn travel into a blast with this portable Lego kit. | 23 DIY Projects That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds

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"You're good at what you do, but your heart's not in it." "Of course. I'm a murderer, you know."

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One Tree Hill. OTH. Brooke Davis. Sophia Bush. Haley James Scott. Bethany Joy Lenz. Milly. Quinn James. Shantel VanSanten. Alex. That One Tree Hill Moment.

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Only Mustang owners know the truth to this...Moms in minivans wish they could be us.

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Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Fishin' In The Dark. Prolly one of my Favorite songs from when I was little and would sit in the tractor with my dad.

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You're the One: 1 Hotel's Miami Beach Debut by Meyer Davis Studio

You're the One: 1 Hotel's Miami Beach Debut by Meyer Davis Studio | Projects | Interior Design

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One Tree Hill - Les Frères Scott - Brooke Davis - Nathan Scott - Haley James - Lucas Scott - Peyton Sawyer - James Scott / Jamie - Millicent Huxtable / Millie - Alex Dupre - Chase Addams - Rachel Gatina - Marvin McFadden / Micro - Dan Scott - Chris Keller - Clay Evans - Quinn James - Julian Baker

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Julian Baker is in love with Brooke Davis and no one can change that, not even Alex. She is very obsessive and loves him but he doesn't love her. He is similar to Demetrius because he is in love with one woman while another girl is very much in love with him.

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{fc: Alex Lange} Alex) hi I'm Alex. I'm 17 and I'm kind of shy. I have a bit of social anxiety but I make friends pretty easily. I like to play baseball, that's about all I'm good at. I'm a hopeless romantics but that's alright since I'm only 17... But come say hi

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I want Giant hydrangeas in my garden like these.

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Pinterest // confusedtumblr ✦

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Pinterest: @isabellereneexo

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But I'm okay. The alcohol burns and the cigarettes suffocate me, but I feel safe when I'm dying. So I guess it's okay.

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Another one of the Prince, probably in court, the stance and ceremony in this image reminds me of him.

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