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"Yeah - I did that myself. A soldering iron and, uh, a chainsaw." Rush legend Alex Lifeson talks about Gibson Custom’s new Alex Lifeson Double Neck EDS-1275. The guitar is a replica of Lifeson's own '70s Gibson Double Neck....


Alex Lifeson: LERXT! Brian May may (sorry) be my favorite guitarist of all time, but Alex is most likely a very close second. I can't find another guitar player (or musician in general) with whom I identify more closely. Some have said he's a sloppy player. Yeah, he is, to an extent, but to me it's a non-factor and part of his sound. It's what makes Alex sound like Alex. I'm constantly hearing him play stuff that makes me think, "Yeah, I'd do it that way, too."

from Rolling Stone

Q&A: Alex Lifeson on Rush's 'Clockwork' Tour, Hall of Fame Odds