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If you're struggling with back pain or any sort of musculoskeletal pain and you have tried doing lots of things with no success this ridiculously simple procedure could help you. Look at the bottom image. It consists of lying down on your back with the knees bent feet flat on the floor and head supported by a couple of books. The arrows correspond to what we call in the Alexander Technique of "conscious directions". So you think "knees to the ceilings , neck to release, etc ". No need to do…

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Change Your Posture, Change Your Life: How the Power of the Alexander Technique Can Combat Back Pain, Tension and Stress. pub date 01/03/12

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The Alexander Technique – realigning posture to improve health and mood

The Alexander Technique is a method that works to change habits in our everyday activities. It is a simple and practical method for improving ease and freedom of movement, balance, support and coordination; a re-education of the mind and body.

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The Alexander Technique aims at changing our daily motion through practice by creating a psycho-physical education within the students of the School Of Drama, where the technique is a mandatory part of the curriculum.

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Jennifer Jacobsen, LMT RM

The Alexander Technique is a taught self-help method which teaches us a better way of 'using' ourselves, that is, how we balance, move and coordinate our bodies. We learn to reduce stressful muscle tension habits which limit our functioning, cause us pain, and distort the naturally graceful carriage and poise we had as children.

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EXERCISE ANATOMY: Before/After of the Alexander Technique. You can see how undoing unnecessary downward pressure would result in an adult becoming taller. Click through for more information on how to incorporate the Alexander Technique into your daily life for better health.

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Computer getting you down? Or is it you? The Alexander Technique can help teach you to observe your habits and consciously change them.

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