The Tomb of Bibi Jawindi is one of the five monuments in Uch Sharif, Pakistan which are on the tentative list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It was built in 1493 by Iranian Prince Dilshad for Bibi Jawindi who was the great granddaughter of Jahaniyan Jahangasht, a famous Sufi saint. Uch is an important historical city, having been founded by Alexander the Great.

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Have archaeologists discovered the grave of Alexander the Great? Experts find enormous marble tomb fit for a king under a massive mound in Greece Archaeologists have uncovered what could be the grave of Alexander the Great at a site near ancient Amphipolis, 370 miles north of Athens Site archaeologist Aikaterini Peristeri has voiced hopes of finding 'a significant individual or individuals' within

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Connor Paolo as a young Alexander the Great and Angelina Jolie as his mother, Olympias, in the movie Alexander.

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13 Basic Facts About Alexander the Great: Tomb erected at Ecbatana for a favorite of Alexander the Great. 1785. Hephaestion was actually cremated and his ashes buried elsewhere, in Babylon. He died October 324.

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Ivory face plaque (Alexander the Great?) from the royal Macedonian tombs at Vergina, Greece. 4th century BC

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The Tomb Amphipolis Greek Tomb Discovery: Missing Sphinx Head Discovered in Third Chamber The world is looking for the answer to an old mystery! What or who is in the Ancient Tomb at Amphipolis Greece? A large-scale archeological excavation is in progress in hopes of answering the old question… Who is buried in this magnificent tomb? Is it Roxanne, the wife of Alexander the Great, or is it his son, or his mother or even Alexander the Great... himself? Or is it someone else. The…

Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great - tiny ivory portrait found in his tomb, in Vergina, northern Greece Philip II of Macedon Father of Alexander the Great. Lived from 382-336 BC. He was the king of the Greek kingdom of Macedon from 359 BC until his assassination in 336 BC.

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An archaeologist displays a gold tiara engraved with a lion's head and other animals found at the Bulgarian tomb. It is part of an incredible and historically-significant find...linked to Alexander the Great

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