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Grilled aubergine rolls

This vegetarian dish from Alfred Prasad parades aubergine at its versatile best, rolling each slice around an exciting quinoa and paneer filling.


Tali Macchi

Alfred Prasad's flavourful sea bass recipe serves the pan-fried fish fillets with fine beans and raw mango.


Peshwari lamb kebab

Peshwari lamb kebab - Alfred Prasad. This delightful lamb kebab recipe features grilled lamb chops marinated with raw papaya, garlic, ground chilli, fennel and cream.


Hyderabadi shanks

Hyderabadi shanks: Alfred Prasad's lamb shanks recipe slow-cooks the meat with browned onions, ginger, garlic, yoghurt and ground spices, creating a heartening and warm main course that's perfect for impressing dinner party guests or for a lovely Indian inspired meal with your family.


How to cook the perfect aloo tikki


How to make the perfect onion bhajis

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Alfred Prasad's Top Recipes To Warm Up Winter Weekends

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Tarkari Handi

This easy vegetarian recipe by Alfred Prasad combines fresh asparagus and other vegetables in a beautiful dish. Serve this mixed vegetables recipe as a side or main

Peshwari lamb kebab

This dazzling lamb kebab recipe marinates lamb chops with papaya, garlic, ground chilli, fennel and cream. Alfred Prasad's recipe is simple to make at home.


A journey through time in Calcutta

Alfred Prasad - A Chef's Guide to Food in Calcutta - Great British Chefs