The Alkali Metals I wanted to display all the key points about each group of elements, in a way that was both clear and engaging for the pupils – as a consequence, the information presented is relatively basic, so that it’s accessible for as many of the year groups as possible. I also tried to include some information regarding uses of the elements or compounds containing them, in order to make it relevant and pique the pupils’ interest.

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The song is called Android by Kraddy. Here's the link - Pls stop asking about it in the comments. DO NOT TRY THI...

Alkali Metals | Piktochart Infographic Editor

Alkali Metals | Piktochart Infographic Editor

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Alkali metals: Big reactions of Cesium and rubibium, and clip of francium and Little bits of everything from group 1

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The alkali metals will vigorously react with water. As you move down the group, reactivity increases. Each alkali metal has one valence electron. As the prin...

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