Ramadan is once more upon us, a time for piety and penance, for abstinence and absolution. As practitioners of the Muslim faith go about their month of fasting, let us all enlighten ourselves by exploring the significance of this holiest of times in Islam.

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Favorite foods of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wa Allahu aalam. Islamweb says: 'All the Ahaadeeth mentioned in the picture above are not authentic. For example hadith about mushroom: We have not come across the Hadeeth with the wording “Mushroom is a cure for the eye.”, but there is a Hadeeth which reads: “The truffle is of Manna (i.e. it grows naturally without man's care) and its water is a healing for the eye.” [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim].'

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Islam is beautiful and we are not all terrorists. I wish more people would learn about Islam, so they can at least have some appreciation for it.

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Molana Tariq Jameel Latest Byans 2016||Hazrat Salahuddin Ayyubi ( R.A.) - Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab|| This channel is all about islam,the peace of islam.in ...

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Islam is perfect and we need to improve ourselves! No one will ever change the Quran 1. they can't even make a verse like the ones in the Quran. 2. most who attempt to rewrite it fall in love with it and convert and 3. It says in the Quran that no one will be able o change this book.

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Al Kawthar is usually recited when you're rushing to complete salah , but once you learn abt the prevailing circumstances of its revelation & context ; you'll gain a new appreciation of this short yet pithy surah.

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all about islam

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