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US National Park Annual Pass - Is It Worth It?

All of the US National Parks by State. If you're looking to take a outdoorsy vacation, definitely look into visiting one of our National Parks.

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How to make Self-Rising Flour! Definitely need to know this! #recipe #bread #bakingsubstitute

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Yup! Definitely me! And then I sing it really softly and quietly and it sounds even worse than just belting it out.

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Home Definition Print, Wall Art Prints, Quote Print, Wall Decor, Minimalist Poster, Minimalist Print, Modern Art, Family Print, Definition

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heart 60’s Word of the Day - agog - highly excited by eagerness, curiosity, anticipation, etc.

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Crock Pot Apple Dump Cake

Crock Pot Apple Dump Cake recipe from The Country Cook. Only 3 ingredients! Plus, I can easily change up the flavors with cherry or strawberry or peaches. We all love this stuff and it's a bonus to be able to make it in the crockpot. Definitely saving this one for the holidays when oven space is at a premium!

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Number Theory No Prep Worksheets Divisibility Rules GCF LCM Prime Factorization

This math unit on number theory has it all: Definitions Divisibility Rules Prime or Composite Factors Prime Factorization Greatest Common Factor (2 methods!) Least Common Multiple Practice and Enrichment Sheets

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What is your favorite musical of all time and why?

What is your favorite Musical (stage or screen) of all time? :: WICKED. Definitely my favorite. Spring Awakening had some of the best songs though. - Jenn :)

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Definitely agree..for all of those people who could of joined but didn't or quit band well..this says everything..

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