Cut through everything! The verdancy has arrived! by on @deviantART (Leafeon)

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Hi my name is lily I am a member of the divergent, Percy Jackson, Sherlock ,doctor who,harry potter, hunger games,Pokemon and many more fandoms I am looking for a roommate comment bellow.. I am also trying out for prom queen I am kind of tom boy/rebel but i'm sweet and won't force you to do anything you don't want to I am down to earth but sometimes I have my head in the clouds lol

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Sawsbuck-A peaceful individual who's home is the outdoors. You are fond of traditions, established continuities, ideals of peace and balance playing major roles in your everyday life. Like the changing of the seasons, you are affected by your environment. Your mood will change depending on your surroundings-allowing a constant balancing act & growth of your character, beliefs, & ways. This gives you a weakness to people of the Fire type, whose burning passion/aggressive nature may overwhelm…

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