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MELISA Medica Foundation | MELISA – the allergy blood test

Food Safe Allergy Blood Test

Food Intolerance Testing: Hair samples vs. Blood Tests and how to use the results to eliminate symptoms and improve your health!


Food Allergy Myths and Facts: Outgrowing Allergies, Food Intolerance, Allergy Blood Tests, and More pdf doctor-brochure.pdf (the allergy blood test measuring hypersensitivity to metals and other allergens)

Dude, fuck this nickel allergy seriously | MELISA Medica Foundation


Have any of these symptoms? Try cutting out gluten! If you want a definite answer though you need to go see a gastroenterologist and have them do an endoscopy. I had multiple blood tests done for celiac that came back negative before my biopsy of my stomach came back positive. So much more common than you think!