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This is what "Hyper-Sensitive" skin looks like. The skin cream I've been using for MONTHS all of a sudden my skin decides it's allergic to it. It can be the change of weather or a reaction of what is in my blood stream at the moment of application... Yes it's NUTS! Waiting for my allergy pills to kick in and layered organic raw royal jelly to bring the inflamation down. When I do reviews know it's from items I use and test. I will never recommend something without it being part of my… 8 Tips for Avoiding a Peanut Allergy Reaction While Flying A new study, published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology―In Practice, reports that passengers on commercial aircraft all too often are underserved by airline staff who are neither trained nor prepared for dealing with passengers who have an allergy to peanuts and other types of nuts.


At least 15 percent of people with food allergies develop the condition after the age of 18, a new study suggests. Our understanding of the prevalence and characteristics of food allergy have been ...

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This is What It Feels Like to Have an Anaphylactic Allergic Reaction

What its like to have an anaphylactic allergy reaction

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someecards allergies | Reactions 20 Shares Health benefits of Broccoli. Many of us had it steamed or cooked but you loose vital nutrients that way. Believe it or not this vegetable is best eaten raw and tastes so much better. Amazing for inflammation, regulates blood pressure, cancer fighting and prevention, high in vitamin C, osteoporosis , and helps reduce allergy reaction, has powerful antioxidants . Strengthens your immune system and nervous system.