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#blackcats and #pumpkins - it must be #October I love this month as it means longer nights a chance to light the wood burner and hot stews! Yum! Happy October all!!! #blackcat #cat #catsofinstagram #instacat #blackcatsrule #pumpkin #homegrown #gyo #allotment #selfsufficient #sinbad #cottagelife #hygge #simplelife #slowliving #livebytheseasons

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Instant Download - Digital Collage Sheet - Traditional Folk Art - Embroidery - 1 x 1 inch ( 25 mm) circles - JPG&PNG images

Instant Download - Digital Collage Sheet - Traditional Folk Art - Embroidery - 1…


Vegetable gardens to feed residents and guests! I guess this means I need to start liking more vegetables...


A dungaree morning . My favourite kind of morning means can get messy down the allotment

Birch verticals and horizontals screwed together to make an arbour. Flexible willow forms the arch. Making your own supports, ideally on the spot, means that you can tailor them to the size and shape you require. Supports from garden centers are designed to fit on the top of a car and are rarely tall enough for vigorous climbers.


My garden is close at hand, meaning that I don't have to plan my gardening work so carefully. I can just pop outside and do a few minutes' worth of gardening whenever I feel like it I keep all my tools in a shed in the garden, so I never have to walk more than a few paces to get a tool Water supply is immediately at hand - from the water-butt most of the time, augmented when necessary by a hosepipe My garden is enclosed, and I don't have so much risk of importing pests, diseases and...

8-12 URTE. Rain cat / Linda Newbery. Jessie is helping her dad prepare for the Open Day on his allotment. Unfortunately the long, hot summer means the vegetables look tired and wilted. When a mysterious stray cat arrives at the allotments, Honeysuckle, one of the gardeners, declares it a Rain Cat from Thailand.

Hügelkultur (German, meaning “hill culture” or “mound culture”) is the garden concept of building raised beds over decaying wood piles. Decayed timbers become porous and retain moisture while releasing nutrients into the soil that, in turn, promote root growth in plant materials.


Vegetables in Season. I love the fact that when growing your own, each vegetable has a season and then it’s over for that year. It means that you really enjoy the fresh vegetables, mourn their passing then look forward to whatever is next in season.

Herbs are mostly perennial herbs, meaning they will either stay green all winter or go dormant over the winter season and come back again in the spring.  However, there are a couple of herbs that are biennial, which means they typically thrive in two growing seasons (spring and fall generally).  Perennial herbs should be…