Aug 14, 1899 Alma Reville born. Alma Reville, also known as "Lady Hitchcock," was Alfred Hitchcock's lifetime partner, assistant director and closest collaborator.

Alma Lucy Reville, Lady Hitchcock August 1899 – 6 July was an English assistant director, screenwriter, and editor. She is best known for her work with Alfred Hitchcock, whom she married in

Alfred Hitchcock and Alma Reville

Alfred Hitchcock and Alma Reville (This Is Not Porn - Rare and beautiful celebrity photos)

Alfred Hitchcock directing The Mountain Eagle in a film now considered to be lost. With wife Alma Reville assisting via indypendent-thinking (by petkenro)

Alfred Hitchcock by Phil Stern

Wife, Alma Reville and Alfred Hitchcock working on hisk movie "Marnie" photo by Phil Stern

Alfred Hitchcock, wife Alma Reville, daughter Patricia Hitchcock, and dog at home ca. 1941.

Alfred Hitchcock, wife Alma Reville, daughter Patricia Hitchcock, and dog at home in California 1941