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Haha!!! Look at that! This girl was in one episode of Leverage and I really shipped her character with one of the people in that episode :) :) :) :) so seeing her makes me happy ^_^


((FC:: Alona Tal)) Hello, I'm Raine and I'm a 19 year old from Carolina. I'm a Caste 6, but I don't see why that matters now. Here's the deal: I don't expect to find love in the Selection. This wasn't even my idea to sign up, it was my friend's. Basically, I gave into peer pressure. But now that I'm here, I might as well make the most of it. Tell you about myself? Okay. I like anything that has to do with getting dirty or anything that involves outdoors. Yeah, dresses will be a big step for…


Meet Danielle Sawyer. She's 17 years old. She's from Boston, Massachusetts. And she's the protagonist of the story. Dani was your average senior high school student, she's tired all the time, confused about her future, and she's part of a world she never knew existed.