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Hair loss, also known as alopecia or baldness, is a popular problem nowadays. It is estimated that a considerable number of people are suffering from this syndrome, which is sign of a worsening health, and hair loss leads to the decrease of self-esteem. However, after great efforts over a long period of time, the causes of this problem were figured out and so was the idea of how to stop hair loss.


What causes hair loss in men? Men lose their hair in 3 major ways and causes: They are Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL) also known as Androgenetic Alopecia caused by aging, Telogen Effluvium caused by stress, Short Hair Growing Phase caused by heredity.


The Lowdown on Eyebrows: Why I Miss Mine So Much

Before alopecia areata caused all of Ali's hair to fall out, her eyebrows were thick and bushy,


1. Cancer itself isn’t responsible for hair loss (which is also called alopecia). Hair loss is actually caused by certain types of treatments—namely, chemotherapy. Chemo blasts healthy cells as well as cancer cells, including the cells that make hair follicles; however, not everyone with cancer...

from Women's Health

‘I Started Losing All of My Hair When I Was 25’

Alopecia caused Kristy DeVaney to go completely bald.

Amazing Alopecia Cure: Do you or someone you know suffer from an auto immune disease? My client, who suffers from alopecia (auto immune disease where you lose all your hair) had no hair when I first met her. Well, she showed up today with a surprise! She took her hat off for me and "TADA!" She thought I was crazy when I told her that she had a food allergy causing her to lose her hair. She is a total believer now! She was so excited that she had her first hair cut in over 10 years!