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There are far too many little superheroes in this world with cancer. Though it won't happen in my lifetime, I hope there will come a day when childhood cancer (and ALL cancer) is obsolete.


Here’s what Dr Phil says: “When your child is bullied at school, go to the authorities at school, speak with the teachers. If that doesn’t work, MAKE NOISE! Do NOT let the bullying go on, thinking there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO. KEEP showing up at school until the BULLYING has been addressed and UNTIL the BULLYING STOPS. Take a stand and do NOT STOP BEFORE it stops.” Read more...


Since 1992, Hair Club has offered free hair restoration services to children who suffer from diseases that lead to hair loss or alopecia. Hair Club for Kids is a non-profit program funded entirely by Hair Club that's available at no charge to children ages 6-17. With nearly 100 hair loss centers in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, this free service is accessible to every child in need.


Alopecia Areata In Children – Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatments

Alopecia areata in children refers to a kind of disease that affects hair growth. In some cases it also leads to complete baldness among toddlers and children


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Aromatherapy is becoming a well-known and popular treatment for alopecia areata. Because alopecia areata is most prevalent in children.....


Alopecia areata in children - Impact on life Many children and teens may have problems with coping with alopecia areata. The main things to remember are these.....