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Types of microcytic, hypochromic anemia... Iron deficiency will have a high RDW with low ferritin... Thalassemia's will have normal RDW and elevated ferritin (due to RBC turnover)... after thalassemia is suspected, electrophoresis should be done to distinguish alpha (normal) from beta (elevated HbA2 levels)

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The New Beta(Liam Dunbar Fanfic, Teen Wolf)

Sysmbols of the packs! One maybe the style of my next tattoo! oh.. and has anyone noticed that there is a symbol for each season!? wtf?! what is this seasons gonna be?


North{She-Wolf}Huntress~Friendly yet Vicious~Loves laughter~Protective~Kindred Spirit~A fellow wolf friend raised by this group of dogs has chased away the belief she would leave everyone! Most of the outside wolves fear her but to cover it up they taint her about her leashed dog origins. Why do they fear her? No one knows, but they found her near a river with another dead wolf suspected to be her Mother-Wolf~