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- JmStorm - I did this knowing I'd never felt love like this ever and while I was so happy it was always on my mind what if it doesn't work out... And a day later after a completely beautiful night of indescribable emotions, passions, and talks of marriage it was over without warning.... Worst day of my life and I've survived horrible things ... But this heartbreak is the only thing that's ever made me fear for my life.....


Short way of saying. I must say. Sheena I really do love you. You are truelly the greatest girl that I know. And ill always have u in my heart. And you always on my mind. And will always be my one and only. No matter what. Youll always be my best friend till the end


I always have I'm so confused right now c I'm sorry it made me isolated myself from you maybe it was to try to make saying goodbye less painful I really don't know because you were always on my mind I really don't know so many things only how much I love and miss you how much this hurts

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The chemistry we have.. holy god.. and we both know it's ALWAYS been there... everyone and their mother could see. Freaking Francisco.. basically pushing us together over and over. It might have been a little blush worthy.. lol but I love him for bringing it up and planting those little seeds. :3 Such great chemistry.. seriously. It really is. It's beautiful.


You make my skies blue baby. All it takes for my day to go from ordinary to awesome is to see your smile. Hope you are having a nice night and get to bed early. You are on my mind as always!!! I love you so much!!!