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10 Quality Traits All Introverts Have, Even If They Don’t Know It

I never realized how much of an introvert I really am until recently. When I read descriptions like these, I can't believe how well I relate. It's like someone opened my brain and took incredible notes of what they saw!

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INFJ - I think this freaks people out more than anything else. It SEEMS so out of character but that's only bc no one has a clue what's going on in my head.

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You only see the real me if we're close [and if people I'm not comfortable with aren't in the vicinity]. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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Introvert vs. Extrovert debate – Am I an Ambivert instead?

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"I have an obsession with quotes because other people are so much better at putting my feeling into words than I am"

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I'm in love with an introvert, and I'm an extrovert. Lots to learn......

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I'm not an introvert but I totally understand now. Maybe as I get older I'm slightly more of an introvert than before...

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This is me. And several people who are very close to me. Definitely not dull - almost always an adventure going on inside our heads...

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