Reunions 2014: Portraits of 'Mean Girls'; 'Sports Night'; 'Napoleon Dynamite'; 5 More Casts | Lacey Chabert, Lindsay Lohan, Tina Fey, Rachel McAdams, and Amanda Seyfried (lying down), <em>Mean Girls</em> |

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You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Loose Wheel: Clickety click clique! Does your league have destructive cliques?

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ok i know mean girls is a girl movie but its hilarious cuz you can make fun of it lol guys need to see this

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Karen Smith from Mean Girls watercolour portrait PRINT Amanda Seyfried ''If you're from Africa, why are you white?''

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"Hi this is Susan from planned parent hood, i have Taylor's test results. If you could tell her to give me a call, it's urgent. Thank you!"

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What would Karen think? Mean Girls star Amanda Seyfried broke her character's rules as she donned jeans on Sunday for a benefit reading of Hurleyburley in New York City

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