American Dad: Favorite TV show

American Dad is a show I discovered a few months ago and just could not stop watching as i laughed through most of it. The super conservative dad fighting a liberal alien does not really get old

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1997 Lincoln Continental towncar | 1995 lincoln town car related images,401 to 450 - Zuoda Images

1997 Lincoln Town Car just like that? Desiree's favorite list of 1997 lincoln town car options.

"My dad just gave me a Golden Gaytime I've never been happier." - 19 Times Australians Confused the Hell out of Everyone on Tumblr Yeah we did

19 Times Australians Confused The Hell Out Of Everyone On Tumblr

19 Times Australia confused the hell out of everyone

American Girl Doll Clothes White Mesh Woomera by Forever18Inches

American Girl Doll Clothes -White Mesh Woomera Dress, Cardigan Sweater, Sparkly Slip, and Two Belts

Amazing. Doll Treehouse for American Girl or 18-inch Doll in Painted Pine - Stand Sold Separately

Doll Snow Cones

Doll Treehouse for American Girl or Doll in Painted Pine - Stand Sold Separately (pretty sure I can make this myself)

American Girl Craft ~ Cute, Easy and Inexpenisve Mailboxes for your doll! #americangirl #craft

American Girl Craft {Valentine Mailboxes}

The Real Thing with the Coake Family: American Girl Craft Valentine Mailboxes