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Polished Eocene Baltic Amber with "Lizard" Inclusion

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☆ Lucjan Myrta owns a staggering number of 20,400 polished amber nuggets of various sizes, each of which contains at least one explicit inclusion of plant or animal. Therefore, the recognizable plant fragments (fitoinkluzje) are rare, can be safely concluded that in this set are the dominant part of animal inclusions. There are usually one more than one lump and formed the so-called. syninkluzje.。☆

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Bumble Bee in Amber, Life is a miracle, take care of others is a most, go green and contribute to life, for more different pictures, go here,, also find me on

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Windows On The Past: 7 Amazing Creatures Preserved In Amber

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Amber Fossil Craft makes great holiday gifts. You can add a loop to make a pendant. From Doodles and Jots.

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How to make fake amber using clear nail polish and food coloring. Consider using parchment paper as well. Could this be used to make fake honey?

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