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80 years of flight attendants; a photo album by American Airlines, more pictures at

SABRE Reservation system (1960). An outgrowth of the SAGE miltary computer system for tracking aircraft, SABRE was the first commercial computer-based airline reservation system when it came online in 1962. A version of this system is still used to handle airline reservations today.

Concorde - Air France Brochure


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Celebrating 80 Years of Flight Attendants at American Airlines

American Airlines Pins Loved flying for Air Cal aka Air California and American Airlines

American Airlines Toys, books, clothing, etc


Eva Marie Saint and Cary Grant board a plane bound for Chicago at La Guardia Airport to continue shooting "North by Northwest"


American Airlines had changed their logo over the years. This is an example of what it used to look like. I have to say I am not a fan of this color scheme. America is red white and blue and thankfully they changed the logo to those colors now a days but this is just messy and ugly.