Heroes of the Enlightenment video guide w/Key BBC series Best ever!THE FIRST SEMESTER OF WORLD HISTORY THE WHOLE YEAR OF WORLD HISTORY This is a fantastic 2 day video series that covers everything from the Scientific Revolution to the American Revolution with Thomas Jefferson, French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution.

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The Age of Enlightenment - Character Map: In this activity, students will create a Character Map of the main thinkers of the Enlightenment.

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The Age of Enlightenment - The link between the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment is important to understand. In this activity, students will create a T-Chart storyboard that gives example of how old ways of thinking about science were transformed by reason and logic.

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"The Enlightenment - Part 1:" Excellent and Informative video. Good prelude to the American and French Revolutions.

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Enlightenment Thinkers Chart by 3Yk4i0U. Has the Enlightenment thinkers. Includes their main ideas. I also like that it has famous quotes. The Enlightenment inspired the French and American Revolutions and Nationalism. Source ~ http://pin.it/-rvQwhz

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Enlightenment Thinkers Handout from The Social Scientist on TeachersNotebook.com (2 pages) - Teach the Enlightenment Thinkers with this student handout!

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