American Flag tie-dye shirts for the 4th! Link with how to make them and our experience! :)
USA Patriotic Tattoo On Leg For Boys And Girls photo - 1
DIY Tie Dye American Flag Towels- One Little Minute-12
ANOTHER SHAMEFUL DISPLAY OF THE AMERICAN FLAG!!!!   You can call it "ART"....  But it's still disgraceful Bull$h!t!!!    (Don't call me or any other American when u need help...  Go show ur art to enemies.... They'll REALLY appreciate it!!!).    BTW, calling a flag a "replica" doesn't magically transform that flag into art....  Anymore than u soaking that flag in tea, tying it around a ladder, & slappin' a rusted trinket on it can be called art!!!!
American Flag Tie Dye Shirt - step by step photo tutorial
American Flag Art  artbyerinleigh Could write words that have meaning to them, then simply paint the insides of the red stripes and the blue field.
American Flag With Stars and  Vintage Lace & Ribbon Stripes fun idea for the 4th of July party..:)
American Flag - Oh my goodness; I could do this!!  A bunch of small cedar branches and lots of string!!  So cute!!
DIY American Flag Tank - Although the star part needs to be on the right shoulder.
American Flag Bow Perler Bead Pattern | Bead Sprites | Simple Fuse Bead Patterns