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about 1870 San Antonio, Texas. Zane Grey's novel, The Trail Driver (1931). Heros: Texas Joe Shipman (trail boss), Adam Brite (owner). Story took place in 1871.

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For more than thirty years spanning the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Evelyn Jephson Cameron photographed the landscape, wildlife, and people of eastern Montana. Evelyn took thousands of photographs of her world; the rural life, badlands, and ranch characters of the real west.

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""Love this picture - used to portray a Scots-Irish Frontiersman in a documentary ("Born to Fight" - I think) David Wright art. ""

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Frontier Pioneer Life....middle woman is cording the wool or cotton, one on right is spinning to make yarn and the lady in the bonnet is knitting, what appears to me are socks. Long and tedious work and you treasured every piece of clothing that was made.

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On the American Frontier: "True to its Scottish and Irish roots, the culture that dominated this region was openly unafraid of higher authority, intent on personal honor, quick to defend itself against of attack of any sort, and deeply patriotic." Frontiersman Stretched Canvas Print / Canvas Art By Randy Steele - This print can be purchased from Fine Art America

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Native American Clothing Patterns | Native American pow WOW Indian Costume Frontier Pattern Simplicity ...

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"The Scots-Irish were well-prepared for establishing settlements on the American frontier. They had endured, for more than a century life in the harsh, rugged and, in parts, hostile countryside of the north of Ireland and by the time they reached America had survived wars, sieges, famines, drought and religious persecution. They were a people certainly not deterred by the dangers they faced in their new environment, and most found the wide open spaces to their liking." - Billy Kennedy

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Schleich 70305 - Sioux Archer Crouching - Wild West - American Frontier - New


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