American revolution summary

Nice blogpost about Infographic of The American Revolution  by mowpages

Crash Course: A cool, educational YouTube channel with over 160 videos that are entertaining and fun to watch.

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Trace the "Steps" to the American Revolution-- Could definitely be used for the Civil War unit or other units. One idea- assign each student an event to research. Have them copy their foot on a piece of paper and then use the feet to form a timeline.

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Week 23 - The only reasonably kid-friendly video I found. Latin American Revolutions: Crash Course World History #31

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study the american revolution by combining art and history - a review and a giveaway (ends 11/15/13)

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Twitter and the American Revolution! - Students use the Twitter Template (ppt. file) or the printable version to create a dialogue between the leaders of the American Revolution (American and British) - Their dialogue must reflect the events from 1770 to 1783

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