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February is American heart month. Know the facts about heart disease. #Cardiovascular heart disease #infographic.

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Make 2017 the year to avoid toxins (good luck) and master your domain: Words on Wellness

Dr. Daniel Neides, Cleveland Clinic LYNDHURST, Ohio--I am tired of all the nonsense we as American citizens are being fed while big business - and the government - continue to ignore the health and well-being of the fine people in...

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Haha well Newt does travel a lot for all his animals so made that's it. I don't know his blood status but maybe he's a halfblood and his muggle parents taught them how to dress like a muggle. It would explain how Newt thought it was stupid how in America you can't be in a relationship with a Muggle.

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Acorns were major in the diet of almost every Native American culture. Acorns help keep blood sugar levels down & provide tons of complex carbs & protein. Rich in vitamins B12, B6, folate riboflavin, thiamin & niacin & a good source of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, copper & zinc as well as fiber. The tannic water it produces is antiviral & antiseptic. It can be used as a wash for rashes, skin irritations, burns, cuts, abrasions & poison ivy. #dherbs

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99% of Black Americans and their families have NEVER been to Africa. They are not African any more than American white people are European .

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So are the so called Americans who keep voting for this Racist Crook.

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11 Plants Native Americans Used to Cure EVERYTHING (From joint pain to cancer) - The following 11 plants were used by The Cherokee (Native american Tribe) in the treatment of almost every single illness and health condition (From Joint Pain to Cancer) -

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American Wizarding Cities

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