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Amina Hospital

The first welcome presentation by Mark Adams of AAH and Dr. Mahesh and Dr. Maya of SCH to all Doctors and staff at the Sharjah Corniche Hospital, UAE.

As Israel searched for three abducted teens, Palestine Authority's chief wife, Amina Abbas, underwent treatment at a Tel Aviv hospital. But who in their right mind would be treated at an islamic PA hospital?

Burnu Acquanetta, was born on an Indian reservation at Ozone, near Cheyenne in 1921. Acquanetta, she walked out on her Universal contract complaining about the way studio bosses "grabbed and pulled and chased me". Good on her! Acquanetta was originally cast as Amina Mansori, in Ghost of the Mummy but on the first day of shooting, while enacting a fainting scene, Acquanetta fell on a rock she thought was paper mache. She was taken to the hospital and treated for her concussion.


For a 3-year-old boy, a risky operation may mean a chance to hear

Helping Auguste hear

from Humans of Oslo


Everyday Heroes! "I was 14 years old when I was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. I was seriously sick and there was a period where I was paralyzed in my legs and could no longer walk. I was sick for 2 years, but I maintained a positive outlook from the first day I was diagnosed. Many people laugh when I tell them that it was my faith which prevented me from falling into a depression, but it's true. My faith did give me hope. After I was cancer free I went through these emotional…


Baby: Pictures to take at the hospital: first moments


Baby keepsake shadowbox. I WILL do this one day! Would love to add in their card and ID tag from the hospital too.


The people of Azare in Katagun area of Bauchi state got the shock of the lives on Saturday, Augu...

How do you say 'It hurts here.' in your language? - Japanese: ここが痛いです。(koko ga itai desu.) - Korean: 여기가 아파요. (yeogiga apayo.) Source: #hospital #pain

from The Paris Review

Frida’s Corsets

Frida Khalo. This leads to a short, but interesting, article about Frida, Diego, her injuries, her perseverance. I was never aware that later in life, she lost a leg. She created art, beauty, and strength out of chronic pain, both physical and emotional. An amazing woman.