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Amina Said: Investigation Discovery's 'Forbidden Dying For Love,' Tells Heart-Wrenching Story Of Daughters Who Were Murdered In Taxi Cab By Egyptian Father, Yaser Said

Ravens: Guardians of the Underworld Ravens are also guardians of Underworld treasure. In the Chaw ("raven") Gully mine in Cornwall, gold is said to be guarded by a fierce raven.


(pink holographic glitter) I really wish it said whar color this is. The brand I can see: ClorClor Club. I *neeeed*Color


Read the rest at @cbcns @dalstudentunion says it had to shut down the sexual assault & harassment phone on Nov. 3 because the university refused to fully fund it. . "... unless we receive the full funding for it we will not be relaunching this year" DSU vice-president academic and external Amina Abawajy said Monday. . Last school year the university and student union agreed to split the cost. This year the university agreed to its portion again but the union said it wants Dalhousie to…