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Can an Outsider Ever Truly Become Amish?

Can an Outsider Ever Truly Become Amish? | One of the rarest religious experiences you can have in America is to join the Plain.

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This is my first year to take up the Nester's challenge of writing on one topic for 31 days during the month of October. My blog is named Lydia Glick in honor of my two Amish grandmothers, and I am...

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Pictures of Amish Life | Discover the Simple Life of the Amish Communities in Northern Indiana

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Amish Country Casserole

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Amish Home Remedies

I love this family very much! Their videos they done were simply touching, even though they don't like recording themselves these people were sweet and kind. Very nice Amish family. Haven't met a mean amish man or amish woman.

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New Genetic Factors Identified in Successful Aging of Amish Population

Amish Family | Avoiding disease, maintaining physical and cognitive function, and ...

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Old Order Amish speak Pennsylvania Dutch, which is a dialect of German

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Amish Family out to visit friends and family on Memorial Day in Lancaster County, PA

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amish family praying before a meal=Thankfulness! @NotQuite Amish and #notquiteamish

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heart 7 Handmade Amish certified barnstars sale $13.45 At products are made by real local Amish families and a portion of all proceed goes directly towards those families in need. For detail about Amish furniture, amish barnstar, amish lifestyle please visit

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