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Click this photo for the full trial testimony against Amon Goethe. The accused Goeth planned the layout of the camp in Plaszow, in such a way to screen the activities within the camp from the outside. All barracks were positioned in order to block the view. It was common knowledge in the vicinity of the camp, that the murder of the entire population of southern Poland, was


Ralph Fiennes as Amon Goeth

Ralph Fiennes as Amon Goeth in Schindler's List. First time I saw him was in the movie and I've been crushing on him ever since. He's not aging too well, though.


Did 'executed' Nazi criminal in Schindler's List escape justice? Historians claim video of camp commander being hanged is NOT him

Amon Goeth shortly before his execution. Goeth was the SS psychopathic killer commanding the Plaszow concentration camp in Poland. He was executed in September 1946 not far from his former command. He was a central character in the Spielberg film Shindler's List.


Trial of Amon Goeth (SS captain in charge of Nazi concentration camp in Plaszow) Part 3- extracts from witness testimony


House on Jerozolimska Street where Amon Goeth lived. The photograph above, taken in 1998, shows the front of the house where Amon Goeth lived during the time that he was the Commandant of the Plaszow camp near Krakow, Poland. His mistress, who was introduced to him by Oskar Schindler, lived with him in this house.