ao no exorcist | blue exorcist: lo sabia, sabia que satan amaba a sus hijos tan sensuales y sexys

Blue Exorcist ~~ Satan = Rin and Yukio's daddy! OMG this is the cutest thing ever but it is going to make me cry ;S Why is Satan hot?

"Im an idiot like you said, so whatever you say about me doesnt matter, but you know... dont you dare point your gun at your own brother." - Rin Okumura

"I'm an idiot like you said, so whatever you say about me doesn't matter, but you know.don't you dare point a gun at your own brother!

Shio & Ken:: perhaps the day when Shio talks to Ken about Luka? they look like they just slipped through trouble's fingertips

Blue Exorcist ~~ Brothers crack each other up at times :: Okumura Rin and Yukio:

Okumura Rin [wouldn't mind designing an older version of this character for cosplay]

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ao no exorcist funny | Ao No Exorcist

Mephisto, Ao no Exorcist. XD Thats why you have to watch the anime, Mephisto :D <<<Mephisto was hilarious! Love that show 《and amimon》