Ancient Egyptian scarabs. Carved brown limestone heart scarab, once placed on the throat, chest, or heart of the mummy.

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Ancient Egyptian Artifacts | Go Big': Ancient Egyptian artifacts statue of cat 663 - 525 BC

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Egyptian Artifacts, King Tutankhamun, Ancient Sword ----- This one was pinned because i like how much fine detail was molded into this knife and sheath.

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Ancient Egyptian Cosmetic Jar | Carved from a single piece of limestone, this jar was used to store kohl, an ancient form of eye cosmetic. Late Kingdom, 18th Dynasty

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This piece of Egyptian jewelry is from the tomb of Tut-ankh-amun (Tutankhamun). A scarab of lapis lazuli with falcon wings, supporting a red disk of the new-born sun.

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1. a) Ancient egyptian sandals made with gold. These were most likely made for the after life; since the ancient egyptians believed they could take things to the after life. The egyptians used gold in almost all aspects of their decorations and majority of the embellishments were lavish.

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Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus lid, 1080-720 BC.

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