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Royal Persian Gold Ring -- Circa 500 BCE -- Garnet intaglio depicting the King with a horse at his side, two running lions & floral motifs.

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This early Persian astrolabe with a geared calendar movement is the oldest geared machine in existence in a complete state. It illustrates an important stage in the development of the various complex astronomical machines from which the mechanical clock derives.

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Darius salutes (Ancient Persian Aryan Salute) Ahura Mazda at Mountain of The Gods, Bistun.

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Exhibit Showcases Art Inspired by Nature, Ancient Persian Architecture. A Window to Heaven: Motifs of Nature in Life and Dream

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Sadigh Gallery's Ancient Persian Bronze Deer Statue. Ancient Persian. Hollow bronze seated deer statue with elaborate horns. Traces of green patina. 500 BC

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Dog, from Persepolis, 5th C BC Ironic that ancient persians obviously loved dogs but the present regime is trying to ban them!

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