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Pappu Charu Recipe Andhra Style or Dal Rasam

Pappu Charu recipe is yet again another delicious recipe from andhra cuisine and 'pappu' is dal/lentils and charu is a tangy flavored pulp cooked with daal.

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Kothimira perugu pachadi

Coriander Curd Chutney - Kothimira Perugu Pachadi

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Miriyala Charu – Andhra Pepper Flavored Rasam

Rasam or Charu is an essential part of a traditional Andhra bhojanam (meal). Comforting, earthy, warm with health supporting properties, pepper flavored charu is seasoned with ghee and asafoetida, garnished with fresh coriander. Works as a perfect antidote for a runny nose.

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Menthi Kura Pappu ~ Methi Dal

Menthu kura Pappu is a very nutritious Andhra dal dish that calls for the use of tur dal and fresh methi leaves.

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Gongura Chutney Recipe Andhra Style

Gongura Chutney Recipe is an authentic andhra cuisine chutney recipe from andhra pradesh made with 'gongura' leaves called as sorrel leaves in english lingo

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Gutti Vankaya ~ Stuffed Eggplant Roast

Gutti Vankaya ~ Stuffed Eggplant Roast - Indian Food Recipes | Andhra Recipes | Indian Dishes Recipes | Sailu's Kitchen

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